Patrick Bäurer

Patrick played his first football match for SV Hondingen, at the tender age of 5. Since then, his passion for juggling a football has grown stronger with each day. Inspired by professionals like Maradona, Ronaldinho, C. Ronaldo, and Ribéry, Patrick has decided the last 10 years to mastering his freestyle craft.


Patrick´s career as a Football-Freestyler began in September 2011 when he performed his first show in Germany. In the past six years, Patrick has performed his show more than 300 times in many countries in Europe, North America and Asia. Patrick has also served as a Football-Freestyle Coach for children in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Canada.


Favorite trick: Magellan, latw & htatw

Hardest tricks: atw hmatw (nt) & skala & htlatw



2017 - 17th Place:

     European Championships in Football Freestyle, Manchester



2017 - Top 75:

     World Championships in Football Freestyle, Prague



2016 - 1st Place:

     Video-Competition: "Heimatkicker 2016"



2016 - 1st Place:

     Video-Competition by Carlsberg: UEFA EC-Final in Paris



     2014 - 1st Place:

     Video-Competition by SC Freiburg: Freestyle-Show in front of 25,000 soccer-fans in Freiburg



2014 - 3 rd Place:


     Germany´s biggest Football-Freestyle-Competition, in Nordenham



 2013 - Top 3

     Red-Bull-Street-Style Online-Qualifier, Germany



           2012 - 1st Place:

     Video-Competition by Clearasil "Trick your spot"

         2012 Finalist

    Talent show by "Respect yourself"





September 2017 - Manchester, UK

Competing at the European Championships.

Place: No. 17 in Europe








August 2017 - Prague, Czech Republic

Competing at the World Championships.
Place: Top 75 of the world.








September 2016 - Asia

Asien-Tour: Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China






July 10, 2016 - Paris, France

Final European Championship:

France vs. Portugal







October 2015 - Victoria, Canada

Football-Freestyle-Coach for the "Reynolds

Centre for Soccer Excellence"in Victoria,







November 8, 2014 - Freiburg

Stadium-Freestyle-Show in front of 25,000

soccer-fans in Freiburg





June 21, 2014 - Frankfurt am Main
Stadium-Freestyle-Show in front of 30,000

soccer-fans in Frankfurt am Main






July 4, 2013 - Arco, Italy

     "Paulaner Cup des Südens": Soccer-match against FC Bayern München and Freestyle-Show in front of 5,000 spectators




November 9, 2013 - Mainz

    TV Freestyle-Show with more than 2.3 million

spectators "Aktuelles Sportsudio", ZDF





August 2013 - Prague, Czech Republic

Participation at the Football-Freestyle-World-

Cup in Prague







August 2012 - Prague, Czech Republic

Participation at the Football-Freestyle-World-

Cup in Prague



Patrick Bäurer

Professional Football Freestyler

Tel: +49 173 20 89 023