What is Football Freestyle?

Football Freestyle is the art of doing spectacular and technical and technical tricks with a soccer ball. The sport was founded in 1989, when Diego Armando Maradona performed revolutionary soccer tricks with his head, shoulders and legs before his match with SSC Naples. Since then, many famous professionals such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Franck Ribéry and Neymar Jr. have copied these tricks to fascinate stadium spectators and bring joy to the beautiful game.

Football-Freestyle consists of four different sections:




Lowerbody: This is the most famous section among Football-Freestylers.






Upperbody: All the tricks are performed with your upper body including the head, shoulders, chest, and neck.







Sitting: When you´re sitting, or laying on the ground while doing tricks.










Groundmoves: Tricks and maneuverers performed while the ball is in contact with the ground.

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